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  • Do you allow the use of custom CGI, Perl, PHP and ASP scripts?

    Yes, you have access to your own cgi-bin and can upload your own custom scripts. We even offer a range of powerful pre-installed CGI and Perl scripts with each hosting package. We also offer customized and full featured versions of the scripts, see PerlscriptsJavascripts.com for complete descriptions of all available Perl Scripts.

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  • What is my path to Perl?


    or, if you're experiencing server 500 errors and cannot work out why, try appending a space and two dashes to the path which will tell the Perl interpreter to ignore carriage returns sometimes found in scripts developed on a windows operating system, like such:

    #!/usr/bin/perl --

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  • What is my path to sendmail?


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All Linux Hosting Plans are hosted on Apache Servers, running Linux, MySQL, Plesk Control panel, Frontpage extensions, Microsoft Active Server Pages, CGI, Perl, PHP, PHP  Zend, Java and JavaScript
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